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About Us

Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

Who we are

JewelBuzz began as a brainchild of Vivek Kabra half a decade ago. This was the time when print media in Gems & Jewellery B2B ruled the roost. JewelBuzz Magazine has come a long way since then.  Now – JewelBuzz Services has kept it with changing times and offers a range of mixed-media products aimed at serving the G&J industry to the best of its abilities.


Though JewelBuzz is a proper, professional set up, there never has been any restriction on location or timings for the people here. The team works from wherever and whenever they feel like. The focus is on getting the job done in the most effective manner. We here believe that no creativity stems from stifling environments. So our people have the liberty to work from anywhere they like. And we began this way much before the unfortunate pandemic happened. The market dynamics are changing; the mindset has to change too.


So, who are we? In laymen stats – we are a bunch of enthu-cutlets who are excited with the word ‘news’.  The mere thought of meeting people makes us happy. The anticipation of ‘what’s happening’ is enough to send us running to odd corners to know more.


Besides these three mentioned here, there are other cubs in our pride. But for now, we will keep them under wraps. J


Vivek Kabra – Founder & Publisher

Not to be fooled by the ‘good boy’ face, he has been in this industry for 20 years and is very sharp when it comes to talking shop. Does not mince words, shoots from the hip, knows his market. No compromises on principles and deliverables. Business means business.

But when he hangs up his boots, he is the enthu-cutlet No.1. Loves meeting new people, visiting new places, hunting for best places to eat, watering holes….he knows his city!

Sundays are strictly meant to play cricket, fool around with his kids and go shopping!

Ashika Kabra – Director & Creative Design Head

The femme fatale – enthu-cutlet No. 2. Usuallly a Mom, Wife, Daughter-in-law all rolled into one. She is a fantastic cook, loves to draw and paint. Gifting and gift-wrapping expert too.

And when she is done fussing over her children – she is an entrepreneur, a graphic designer – she’s a goddess. Her attention to detail is meticulous, her work – original. Loves to stop by for an occassional coffee, chat and ‘chaat’ and genuinely cares for her co-workers the way she cares for her family.



Sucheta Kabra – Managing Editor

Not-so-enthu enthu-cutlet No. 3. The only thing that gets her going is the smell of a new book or the promise of a trip to the local fish market! (Yep, she’s weird.)

A multitasker, this one too, handles multiple roles before putting on her Editor’s Hat. She is an editor, a writer, has worked with all forms of content creation and dabbled in PR – all in the last 22 years. She loves meeting and talking to people and can be occassionally seen scribbling on bits of paper and toss those off in the bin.

A total sucker for stories, works at all odd hours from the weirdest of places. Eats her words sometimes. And if you don’t give her the information she wants, she’ll eat you too.

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