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14/04/2023, Friday - Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, proudly announced the grand opening of its flagship boutique in Hyderabad. This opulent destination, ensconced in the luxurious precincts of Jubilee Hills, is a true celebration of Zoya's meaningful pieces of wearable art. Each rare creation is an impeccably crafted ode to the Zoya woman, a muse whose essence is at the very heart of the brand's ethos. With an Indian soul and an eye on the world, the Zoya boutique in Hyderabad is a shining example of the atelier's signature experience of warm luxury, an unforgettable affair that elevates the way fine jewellery is experienced in India. Third generation entrepreneur, Upasana Kamineni Konidela joined Titan’s Business Head-South, Sharad R. at the event.

The Zoya boutique in Hyderabad is a work of art in itself, with imposing doors opening into an elegant gallery that welcomes patrons on a leisurely exploration of Zoya's versatile creations. Glass showcases float against white walls, inviting a closer look at the intricate details of each masterpiece. A curved white wall adorned with signature motifs of inspiration echoes the atelier's resplendent collections, while handcrafted paper art adds to the visual storytelling. Panels sculpted in concrete reflect Zoya's artisanal soul, finding cues in the layers and facets of the Zoya woman.

Unfurling outwards into five lush and feminine spaces in calming shades of jasmine white, blush, and beige, each section resonates powerfully with meaning, inviting guests to journey into the heart of the brand and experience its rich heritage of storytelling. Soft materials amplify natural light, unifying the different environments and creating a serene ambiance for patrons to transition seamlessly from wearable to expressive collections and experience the powerful stories hosted therein. Prized high-value pieces, fashioned from the exquisite diamonds and precious stones, culminate in jewellery of transcendent beauty.

At the heart of the store's linear floor plan is a bespoke area, an island of creative immersion and self-expression where patrons can collaborate with the brand's jewellery designers to create custom pieces that seamlessly blend art and fine jewellery. This space forms a semi-private niche, cordoned off from the rest of the boutique with curved separators, striking just the right balance of exclusivity and openness.

Finally, a beautiful private lounge provides the perfect venue to experience high jewellery, engage in discussions, while being pampered with hors d’ouvers and gourmet filter coffee before making a decision on the Zoya they take home. The use of sheer pink curtains creates an intimate space that invites patrons to savour uninterrupted moments of self-indulgence as they explore their passion for fine jewellery.

Said Upasana, “I like the meaningful stories behind Zoya’s beautifully crafted jewellery that is thoughtfully designed for today’s woman. Hyderabad is sure to enjoy this boutique and its many treasures that bring alive India’s rich tradition of artisanship through contemporary design.”

Added Sharad R., “With its commitment to meaningful art and warm hospitality, Zoya is setting new standards in fine jewellery experiences in India. Our boutique in Hyderabad, carries forward the Titan promise to create a destination for homegrown luxury and a refined brand experience that is distinctly above the ordinary.”

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