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Vaneja Gupta is the Head of Design Strategy at Aditya Birla Group.She’s primarily a Jewellery designer, creative strategist and a fervent lover of art, culture and history. She headed various functions of Design, Research and Trend Insights at Tanishq & Zoya.

On the brink of a new year, the world faces a daunting array of challenges: the climate emergency, unemployment fears, the struggle between democracy, humanitarian crises, mass migration, and trans-national terrorism.

All in all, for most people on Earth – and a handful in space – and a lot more in the virtuality of life- 2023 and onwards looks like another year of living dangerously.

But there’s always a silver lining!

The posttraumatic recovery of the world has resulted in some of the most transformative years in the history of our existence! We are at a moment in life where we are a part of extreme consciousness towards our planet, to our holistic health, to our surroundings and towards our choices.

Technology is fuelling every act of our “every day’s” to evolve into some of the most fascinating design trends.

The two hard pushes we received from the pandemic summaries our entire being today:The pull towards our past and the push towards our future.

The world is celebrating the past like never before.

The moments where the reconnections rekindled by the nostalgic trends of 2022 has pushed society inwards, with the resulting awakening and a renewed appreciation for human relationships, cultural heritage and ancestral roots.

A lot of times, really at the core of it, we are seeking some wisdom from the past – that we’ve lost something that maybe now we can rehabilitate.

So, to make it simple: what surrounds us affects us.

So as long as the world around us continues to be daunting and uncertain, we know that people will continue to take solace and comfort in the past and with that, trends from decades gone by will continue to crop up in all aspects of our lives.

And then there’s pace!

And the world is apparently loving the pace. The pace of AI, Ai fuelling the many worlds of metaverse creating virtual planets, virtual bodies, virtual friends, and virtual selves.

The pace of our unrealistic future dreams.

The idea of a more utopian world where everything is easy, happy hopeful and as highly advanced as it can be, points to a time where people are feeling a sense of “dissatisfaction” with their present environments.

In an extreme sense, we dream for robotic humans, , Flying cars, flying homes, food coming out of your cell phones ,floating cities, tube-transportation, conquest of several planets, personal submarines and well... … what not. Well….The fact that it’s fictional makes the possibilities endless.

So well, summarising the sentiment for this year,

Sometimes you just want to remove yourself from the present and immerse yourself into a period that gives you the comfort of the known and the joy and hope from the unknown. And the more uncertain the times, the more becomes the anticipation towards achieving an over idealistic life.

And the longing for the past and the hopefulness of future is what’s shaping our present in the most unreal ways!

Technology is no more an extension of our world, it has become an Alternate Reality.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fundamental building blocks of technology today, gearing along with the speed of innovation at breakneck speed to improve the user experience through improved human-machine interactions.

Web 3.0 envisions a digital realm where machines can communicate directly with other machines and users. Yet, this requires machines to understand digital content in the first place. This is why artificial intelligence will become the cognitive layer of Web 3.0 by providing deep learning algorithms and analytic capabilities to make machines “understand” online content.

In essence, deep learning algorithms will train artificial intelligence to recognize different types of content and attribute meaning to them. This way, search engines won’t just recommend the most popular type of content but have a basic understanding of it to help improve the overall user experience.

The digital age, where the gap between reality and fantasy is rapidly closing, there are no limits to what can be accomplished through design.

It begs the question, is digital just as real, as real life? Well, yes. Hyper-real fashion is an umbrella term for “hyper-realistic” fashion through tech. The new interaction between physical and digital is continuously blurring the line—from digital showrooms to AI models—we really are living in the future.

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, innovation takes centre stage as new trends emerge, shaping the way we perceive and interact with the digital world. AI jewellery generators are a great way to unleash creativity and explore infinite explorations of jewellery design which not only saves time, money, and resources but also increases the output by multiple folds.

To take some examples, to offer a seamless consumer experience, brands are implementing innovative methods such as smart jewellery trays and instant product search options are being implemented.

Cartier collaborated with Google AI to offer its customers a visual product search tool which can retrieve detailed information about its specific model and suggest similar-looking watches about any design throughout their history in mere seconds.

They also have Interactive showrooms like Cartiers Sanya Boutique (shown by the image on top right corner) lets its users access a game on their phones inside the boutique to understand the entire history and product cycle of any product they scan.

Boucheron worked with The Sarine Diamond Journey report enables us to gain verifiable data from every step of the supply chain, from the mine to the cutting factory to our workshops to promote reliable, secure data and transparency, to which we are committed.

And not through processes, but the entire world of digital realism offers immense amount of inspiration through the most unique palette of aesthetics and a license to look at it in a whole different way.

The spirit of this pace offers an antidote to our own uncertain times because it embodies ideas of freedom, liberation and hope, optimism that fuses modernist concepts of technology with elements of pop culture and playfulness of science-fiction aesthetic that makes the future really exciting!

Meta-imagination defines a mindset in which fantasy and imagination shapes novel ideas and brand approaches. Consumers, disappointed and afraid of reality, find refuge in these fantastic and utopian worlds where they can experiment with aspirational lifestyles and identities.

There is a co-immersive relation between humans and machines or technology, with a need to acquire virtual assets, and experience a parallel world of one’s own. It is about a parallel existence, exploring different dimensions, alternate ways of living and realities.

In fashion, Virgil Abloh’s legacy fashion show The ∞th Field materialized a metaphysical space hanging between reality and dream where multidisciplinary performers inhabited a fantasy world with surrealist props such as the Louis Vuitton Dreamhouse.

An extension of digital realism and the growing y2k influence further strengthened by the Disco culture, there is a strong trend of psychedelic color palette. Neon colour accents, along with pop color evoke the sensibilities of the discussed trends.

As I said, “The fact that it’s fictional makes the possibilities endless. And it’s on us on how we paint our imagination wild to explore the new realm of these possibilities.”

-JewelBuzz Exclusive

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