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American investor promises USD 10 mn for mining emeralds in Panjshir, Afghanistan

The local officials of Panjshir said that an American businessman has promised to invest nearly 10 million dollars for the purpose of providing an advanced means of extracting emerald mines in this province.

Local officials have also announced the start of work on “how to extract forty newly discovered emerald mines” in Panjshir.

Mohammad Agha Hakim, the governor of Panjshir, stated that emerald mining continues in more than 500 mines in Panjshir and said: "The representative of that company came and had a meeting with me, he said that we bring a lot of advanced equipment and we extract these mines based on principles."

According to the statistics of the officials, currently 5 to 7 thousand people are busy in mining emeralds in Panjshir.

These workers said that lack of advanced equipment and sometimes the possibility of collapsing mines are the biggest challenges for them.

"People hope that these problems will be solved. There is no advanced equipment inside the mines, there is no medical team, there is no oxygen inside, the mines are very worked, there is gravel,” said Mohammad Aman, head of supervising one of the emerald mines in Panjshir.

“The benefit of this emerald is for all Afghans, even for a businessman or a daily wage worker,” said Temorshah, a worker.

The Governor of Panjshir added that the emeralds extracted from the mines of this province has been sold for $1.5 million dollars, of which 11 million Afghanis have been deposited into the government treasury.

According to Mohammad Agha Hakim, the governor of Panjshir province, the ruby and gold mine is also supposed to be entrusted to a contract by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in the near future, and the work on the iron mine is still going on.

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