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Augmont ties up with leading brands; Digital Gold as a product

Augmont, India's No. 1 Gold Platform, is delighted to announce its strategic partnerships with some of the most esteemed brands like Home Credit, Kalyan Jewellers, PNG, ONeCode, and EbixCash to promote Digital Gold as a product. These collaborations are a significant step towards Augmont's vision of revolutionising how customers engage with Digital Gold investments.

Augmont has always been committed to innovation, and its belief in customer-centric products has brought unparalleled collaborations with industry brands. All these strategic partners share Augmont's common vision of improving accessibility and convenience in the gold market.

Investing in digital Gold can be a prudent decision for investors. Purchasing digital Gold is a simple, convenient, and cost-effective process. The most major benefit of digital Gold is its easy and secure storage. With the convenience of digital access to the commodity, digital Gold may be bought and traded in a fraction of a second, anytime and anywhere.

Augmont Gold For All spans the entire gold lifecycle, giving retail customers a one-stop-shop solution. It simplifies gold deposits, financing, and EMI gold and silver purchases. You have several options for obtaining Augmont's digital Gold. Augmont's digital Gold, for example, is available in various denominations starting at 1 rs.

Digital Gold is an investment that monitors the price of physical Gold and is a more cost-effective way to purchase Gold. It enables customers to buy and sell international-quality Gold at market-linked prices in real-time. Gold investment is very popular since Gold tends to appreciate when the cost of living rises, acting as an inflation hedge.

Mr Sachin Kothari, Director - Augmont-Gold For All, said, "We are thrilled to collaborate with well-known enterprises to elevate Digital Gold as a product. These strategic alliances aim to provide a platform that allows consumers to choose the amount they want to invest in Digital Gold and encourage customers to save in Digital Gold consistently. We have witnessed an increasing trend of digital gold usage, particularly among young millennials and Gen-Z investors. Gold has always been a popular savings option among Indians, and in the post-COVID-19 period, it has also emerged as the safest and most profitable long-term asset. We have seen a revived interest in Digital Gold from younger, first-time clients looking for a fast and easy way to purchase the yellow metal."

Augmont Gold For All is the most trustworthy platform for gold refining, selling, Gold SIPs, EMI Gold, Digi Gold, on-demand jewellery, and gold loans. It allows customers to sell their old Gold in an emergency. The platform enables consumers to obtain gold coins and jewellers to make online transactions via an app or website.

Augmont Gold For All is India's premier gold platform, using cutting-edge refining procedures. Jewellers and banks around the country have immense trust in Augmont Gold For All. Augmont Gold For All has grown to over 23 SPOT delivery centres and a network of nearly 4,000 jewellers across India. It also employs approximately 500 employees.

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