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AVR Swarna Mahal presents “Travel around the World - A Realtime Immersive Experience”

In a pioneering move for India, AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers introduces the “Travel around the World - A Realtime Immersive Experience” exhibition at its Salem Swarnapuri branch. Featuring 12 captivating cities, including Dubai, London, New York, Mexico, Morocco, Bali, Dominican Republic, Paris, Sydney, Istanbul, Greece, and Rome, each city embodies distinct cultural and traditional elements.

For the first time in India, a jewellery brand is launching a new venture called "Travel around the World - A Realtime Immersive Experience" exhibition at AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers, Salem Swarnapuri branch.

The highlight of the collection is the inclusion of 12 of the most charming cities in the world, namely Dubai, London, New York, Mexico, Morocco, Bali, Dominican Republic, Paris, Sydney, Istanbul, Greece, and Rome. Each city represents different aspects of culture and tradition. AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers' exquisite diamond jewellery collections offer a new way to experience the world's beauty.

Commenting on the exhibition, AVR Siddhanth, AVR Swarna Mahal Director said, “The exhibition showcases the romantic streets of Paris, stunning architecture in Istanbul, Marrakesh in Morocco, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Cancun Beach in Mexico, Opera House in Sydney, Colosseum in Rome, Empire State Building in New York, and Palos Beach.” From the ancient ruins of Crete to the vibrant Sona Island in the Dominican Republic, imagine yourself strolling through the famous temples of Bali.

It is a journey that leads us to our respective destinations, and AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers has organised an event that no other jewellery brand has ever attempted. At the same time, these jewellery collections are primarily inspired by the unique characteristics of the respective cities.

Dubai - Pink quartz and diamonds, known for their rarity and soft blush colour, are highly sought after by jewellery enthusiasts due to their beauty.

Have you heard of natural diamond jewellery with green rhodium found in Poly-Poly? Embrace the beauty of nature on your finger! These exquisite diamonds are rare and unique.

Paris' renowned gemstones, rubies, and emeralds have symbolised luxury and elegance for centuries.

Mexico is known for its magnificent Mexican fire opal stone. This gem is a true wonder of nature, displaying a mesmerising play of colours that range from fiery reds to deep blues.

Greece - Emeralds: These precious stones are a true wonder of nature. The vibrant green colour of these emeralds, combined with diamonds, mesmerises us with their beauty.

Istanbul - The high quality and stunningly beautiful emeralds are a true testament to Istanbul's rich culture and heritage.

Rome - Beautiful pearls with a combination of rubies and emeralds. Combining deep red rubies and green emeralds creates a mesmerising interplay of shimmering colours. Wearing this jewellery is a part of Rome's history and culture.

The Dominican Republic is renowned for its Russian emeralds, exquisitely crafted into stunning diamond jewellery, ruby-studded pieces, and lustrous pearls.

Morocco is known for its stunning diamond jewellery in white gold and pink sapphire pieces, creating beautiful jewellery that will leave you breathless.

New York is famous for its elegant diamond jewellery and beautiful Colombian emeralds. Emeralds found in New York are renowned for their exceptional quality and vibrant green colour.

Sydney - Colombian emeralds with rich green tones and exquisite craftsmanship are waiting to adorn you.

London is renowned for its exquisite diamond jewellery, particularly ruby rose-cut diamonds. These rare and captivating gems symbolise elegance and sophistication.

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