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Award Winning Designer Satyajit Vetoskar Interacts with IIGJ Students about Sustainable Design

21st March, 2023, Mumbai: Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery Mumbai was proud to host award-winning designer Mr. Satyajit Vetoskar at the campus to interact with senior jewellery design students in a session entited ‘Afterlife’, about sustainable design. Students were piqued that Mr. Vetoskar, an architect and industrial designer, had also designed precious jewellery with a twist of sustainability and disruption. They were happy to get the touch-and-feel of those jewellery pieces after the session. Mr. Vetoskar’s brand ‘Bandit’ has won 4 awards including the Lexus Design Award 2021 and the Lakme Fashion Week - Circular Design Challenge 2021. He is the founder and principal designer of Rubberband, a design studio based in Goa.

Speaking to the students about his designs and raison d’etre, Mr. Satyajit Vetoskar said “I get really excited when I see a junkyard! My mind races to find inspiration for practical objects that I can create from discarded material.” He talked about how sustainable design is the very opposite of ‘use-and-throw’, with products being made to last and meant to be re-used over and over again. He recounted how his journey with sustainability started with a view from his airplane window of Mumbai chawl rooftops swathed in blue tarps. This helped him create his iconic line of backpacks from tarpaulin with straps from car seatbelts under the brand name Bandit. He showed this backpack to students who were able to get a peek into the workings of an acclaimed designer’s mind.

Students were excited to see his line of atypical precious jewellery made from gold, scrapped aircraft aluminium and diamonds called Shourai, which is a Japanese word for ‘future that is known’. Questions about how he connected the gold and aluminium pieces, why he placed the diamonds on the side, how was the scrap aluminium polished, why the size of the presentation boxes were the same, gave the students interesting answers that would help them to think “out of the box” when they designed their own pieces later. The session with Mr. Vetoskar introduced them to novel concepts that nudged their perceptions about the use of various metals and gemstones.

Overall, it was a mind-bending session for the students who were forced to move out of their comfort zones while engaging with Mr. Vetoskar’s uber-creativity and unconventional concepts.

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