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BIS Announces Mandatory 6-Digit HUID Hallmarking from April 1, 2023

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has announced the mandatory use of 6-digit Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) from April 1, 2023, for all gold jewellery and artefacts sold in India. Speaking to the press in Delhi, Shri. Promod Kumar Tiwari, Director General of BIS, stated that jewellers were given nearly two years to clear their 4-digit hallmarked stocks, but it was being misused by some of them. Additionally, in 2020-21, only 35,000 jewellers were registered, which may have old logo hallmarked stock. After mandatory HUID hallmarking was introduced, BIS-registered jewellers have grown to 1,55,000. Hence, 1,20,000 jewellers will not be affected by the April 1 deadline of converting old stock to HUID hallmarking.

Shri. Promod Kumar Tiwari emphasised the need to stop the sale of old hallmarked jewellery, stating that new jewellery would not have been hallmarked to such an extent after the Covid-19 pandemic if the old stock was so significant. The decision to make HUID hallmarking mandatory was made after due consultations with stakeholders and is in accordance with Indian Standards specified in IS 1417: 2016 as amended.

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