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CaratLane launches new Butterfly Collection to celebrate the spirit of woman

A butterfly isn’t born with its beautiful wings; it works towards becoming its glowing and graceful self. It goes through a journey of radical transformation, one that organically mirrors a woman’s change into her authentic self. By drawing inspiration from this thought, CaratLane, India's leading omnichannel jeweller, unfurled Butterfly, a collection that celebrate the spirit of women.

“The butterfly is a striking symbol of beauty, change and hope and thus best personifies the woman of today. The butterflies in this collection come in shades of blue, orange and green to represent three unique identities. We made them in three colours to ensure that any woman who buys it can relate herself with the collection,”said Aakrosh Sharma, SVP, Merchandising & Fulfillment, CaratLane.

Blue represents the trailblazer, a woman is who is original, bold and a torchbearer in her own right. She often takes the road less travelled. Orange, on the other hand, represents the warrior, a woman who is strong, resilient and committed. She has fought many odds to reach where she is today! Lastly, Green represents the giver, a woman who is kind, generous and selfless. She radiates compassion and leaves her mark wherever she goes!

This collection has 20 butterfly designs that flutter across categories like rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. The collection starts at Rs. 14,126.

Courtesy - Diamond World News Service

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