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Cartier Celebrates 100 years of the Trinity Collection

Cartier celebrates 100 years of the Trinity Collection. In 1924, Louis Cartier imagined a ring composed of three intertwined, mobile bands. Everything was daring: the chromatic combination, the fluidity of the rings, the simplicity of the design and its symbolic strength. Trinity was a predecessor of modernity.

Trinity is the perfect equation: clean lines, accurate proportions, precise shapes. To celebrate 100 years of Trinity, Cartier has designed three new variations on the ring: a cushion-shaped version, a modular version and an XL version. The collection also includes a reissue of the XL bracelet, a true cult piece.

Cartier celebrated 100 years of the Trinity Collection on Snapchat, who announced a first-of-its-kind AR try-on experience .With a few simple taps, the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens lets you discover the collection, try on the Classic Trinity Ring, and shop wherever, whenever.

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