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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Fabergé x Gemfields heart and floral jewels

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it, attention turns to flowers, jewels and the art of

romance. Coloured gemstones are at the very heart of this, both literally and metaphorically. Two

of the ‘Big Three’ (alongside sapphires), rubies – whose fiery red has long been associated with

passion – and emeralds – whose vibrant green is the colour of the heart chakra – feature ideally in

this season of love and gifting.

Born from the heart of Mother Earth some 500 million years ago, rubies – which, as well as passion,

are also thought to bring prosperity and protection – are as old as time. Prized by everyone from

ancient warriors to Chinese consumers – who revere the ‘lucky’ colour red – they are regulars on

the red carpets during awards season, which runs concurrent to Valentine’s Day, adding to the

warming appeal of coloured gems at this time of year. The colour of fire, and of fiery passion, the

burning, often fluorescent, red of rubies brightens up winter days and lifts spirits with an exuberant

pop of colour.

Some of the most exceptional rubies have come from Mozambique, many from the Montepuez

mine: one of the world’s most significant recently discovered ruby deposits, majority-owned by

Gemfields. Rubies from Montepuez are responsibly mined by Gemfields, in keeping with its core

brand value of operating with transparency, legitimacy and integrity. Mozambican rubies are prized

for their exceptional colour – ranging from orangey to bluish reds – as well as their clarity. These

are beautifully showcased in fetching designs by Gemfields’ talented jewellery brand partners.

A Valentine’s winner, combining jewels and flowers in an inspired design bursting with romantic

allure, the Bina Goenka x Gemfields Ruby and Petals Ring has a delicate floral shape, with a rich

red ruby twinkling at its centre, encased by diamonds. Each diamond-adorned mother-of-pearl

petal is a miniature work of art, like being handed a most exquisite bejewelled bouquet. Diacolor,

IVY New York and Shachee Fine Jewellery also offer floral-inspired creations.

The Fabergé x Gemfields Essence Rose Gold Ruby Heart Surprise Locket featuring a Mozambican

ruby is a Valentine’s Day classic. The element of surprise, in this case a perfect heart-shaped ruby,

wrapped up in rose gold with a diamond clasp, conjures up the essence of this romantic time.

With emerald-green being the colour of the heart chakra, these verdant gems are equally suited to

Valentine’s gifting. FDL Editions by Francis de Lara’s Ribbon Hearts Eyewear, Fabergé’s Heart

Surprise Locket and Donna Hourani’s To Passion necklace all feature necklace all feature Gemfields Zambian emeralds and each provide their own unique nod to Valentine’s Day.

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