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Celebrate Your Zodiac Signs with Rasi collection from Paksha by Tarinika

In one perfect magical moment, a being so special is born. Every culture has its interpretation of birth times and the destiny associated with it. Paksha by Tarinika has taken a plunge into the world of zodiac signs, and given their design & touch with a variety of elements by launching the Rasi collection. This is a collection of zodiac symbols in unique medallions, making it perfect for you & your loved one.

The collection includes beautifully crafted jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, as per the different zodiac signs. The new collection from Paksha by Tarinika boasts contemporary and beautiful designs that are perfect for every occasion. Blending right with every look that you want to curate, this collection is a mix of traditional and modern designs. The pieces are made of gold plated 925 silver, monzonites, kempu, gemstones and exquisite freshwater pearls. 

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