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Christie’s HK Kong Presents Magnificent Jewels & The Pink Supreme Autumn Auction

Christie's Hong Kong is proud to present an exquisite and carefully curated collection of coloured and colourless diamonds, gemstones, as well as jadeites, in the Magnificent Jewels & The Pink Supreme live auction on 27 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Among the spectacular selection of coloured diamonds, one of the highlights is a superb Fancy Vivid Blue and Pink Diamond Ring. The ring showcases a 2.01 Carat Fancy Vivid Blue/VS2 Diamond, a 2.00 Carat Fancy Vivid Pink/VS2, Excellent Polish, Type IIa Diamond, a 1.01 Carat Fancy Intense Blue, and a 1.01 Fancy Intense Purple-Pink Diamond, radiating a mesmerising display of colour and brilliance. Another standout piece is a 3.51 Carats Fancy Vivid Blue/VS2 Diamond and Diamond Ring, exhibiting a rich and vibrant blue hue.

This auction will also feature three exceptionally rare gemstone rings. One is a spectacular 17.05 Carat Colombia No Oil Emerald and Diamond Ring. A 5.03 Carat Burmese No Heat 'Pigeon Blood Red' Ruby

and Diamond Ring Mount by Van Cleef & Arpels, while the other is an exquisite 16.45 Carat Kashmir No heat Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The exhausted Kashmir mine further amplifies the exclusivity of this piece.

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