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All about Trust, Transparency, Ethics, Responsibility, Sustainability, Environment

The CIBJO CONGRESS 2023 held at Jaipur, India from 3-5 Oct 2023 saw discussions by CIBJOs sectoral commissions which included precious metals, diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, LGDs, coral and ethics, responsible sourcing, ESG, viability of international standards, The attention of the global GJ industry was directed to the imperative need to incorporate trust, transparency, ethics, responsibility, sustainability, environmental consciousness, ethical use of technology and AI, respect for IPR in every organization’s DNA.

Attention was drawn to traceability, sustainability, avoiding unsubstantiated claims of environmental benefits, full disclosure and unambiguous information to the consumer on products being sold.

Elimination of poverty, corruption and upliftment and empowerment of communities involved in mining, artisans also figured in the deliberations.

Gaetano Cavalieri, President CIBJO set the tone at commencement of the Congress saying “CIBJO is a trusted organisation, which protects interests of members. It prescribes policy framework to enable and empower industry to put in place tools to operate within law to remain as transparent, honest, sustainable and responsible. We shall discuss and review all matters of international relevance for the trade. However, of 17 sustainable goals of the UN - Partnership is the most important one.”

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