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Colin Shah, Perspective on mandatory hallmarking of jewelry from April 1, 2023

“The government has mandated a six-digit alphanumeric number as a hallmark for gold jewellery and other items from April 1, 2023. The move is a part of the government's efforts to improve the quality of the gold jewellery sold across the country.

The hallmarking will ensure a uniform standard of gold quality across India, essential for a country that is among the top gold markets in the world. India needs a set standard for products across the spectrum to be recognized globally for quality and

fair practices.

The infra for the hallmarking of jewellery is enough with over 1,500 centres. Currently, key 340 of the 760 districts in India are under voluntary hallmarking. The remaining regions will start hallmarking jewellery once made mandatory.

The industry is well prepared to meet the deadline set by the government for mandatory hallmarking”



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