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Countries boycotting Russian gems would suffer more than Russia: Putin's press secretary

Vladimir Putin's press secretary has dismissed G7 sanctions on Russian diamonds as "hardly news".

Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russian companies had been preparing for introduction of Western sanctions against its diamonds that were announced last Wednesday (6 December).

"The sanctions on diamonds are hardly news," he said, according to a report by Tass, the state-run news agency. "And, correspondingly, our companies in this sector are well aware of the risk they face. And, of course, they seek to hedge these risks."

Last month Peskov insisted countries that boycotted Russian gems would suffer more than Russia itself.

"As a rule, it turns out that a boomerang effect is partially triggered: the interests of the Europeans themselves suffer," he said. "So far, we have been able to find ways to minimise the negative consequences of sanctions."

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