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Dassani Brothers launches ‘EmpowerHer Majesty collection for Women’s Day

Dassani Brothers, India’s premier designer jewellery brand, today, proudly announces the launch of a women-empowering new jewellery collection – EmpowerHer Majesty Jewels, designed to honour the spirit of women on International Women's Day.

The exclusive range consists of earrings, bracelets, necklace sets, rings and bangles designed with different colours and intricate patterns to varying high-quality uncut polki diamonds, tanzanite, ruby and emeralds. The entire collection forms a strong cache of women’s jewels that stand for women who well balance work and family life. As well as for women who manage the house so that everything else goes on smoothly. The collection is meant to be worn throughout life as an eternal symbol of appreciation and gratitude towards all exceptional women in our lives.

On the Women’s Day occasion, Sumit Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers, said, “Dassani Brothers takes immense pride in presenting our latest jewelry collection - EmpowerHer Majesty Jewels, a fusion of empowerment, captivating design, and unparalleled craftsmanship. It resonates with empowerment, where every jewellery represents various stages of womanhood. is designed to embody the diverse facets of a woman’s journey. In vibrant colours and elegant designs, these jewels are not just accessories but a celebration of individuality and, allow women to showcase their distinctive style while celebrating their strength. Bespoke jewellery takes centre stage, providing a personalized touch with a quick turnaround time. From the timeless sparkle of polki diamonds to the rich hues of tanzanite, ruby, and emeralds, each piece narrates a unique empowering story”.

This collection is more than just jewellery; it celebrates women's empowerment, emphasizing their versatility and strength. It aims to deepen the connection between the wearer and the jewellery, highlighting the brand's commitment to celebrating every woman's individuality. Crafted with precision and passion, each piece in the collection reflects the diverse facets of a woman's identity.

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