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De Beers is up for sale: Anglo American

Confirming recent reports, Anglo American said today that De Beers will be “divested or demerged” from its portfolio. In an online investor presentation, Anglo CEO Duncan Wanblad said he expected the sale of De Beers—as well as a number of Anglo American’s other holdings, including its platinum unit—will be completed by the end of 2025.

“We’re only just starting,” he said. “There are a potential a number of pathways. All of them are on the table at the moment.”He said De Beers is “a great business, and it has fantastic assets and it has an exceptional brand…. How we [sell it] will be a journey. We have to look at a number of options, in terms of a trade sale, or a demerger, but it also has to be in conjunction with one of our most important stakeholders, which is the government of Botswana.”

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