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De Beers offers GJEPC members free access to ‘Seize The Day’ campaign materials

De Beers has extended an opportunity to all GJEPC members, granting them access to its ‘Seize the Day’ campaign assets, free of charge, to support and amplify the natural diamond message.This exciting news comes on the heels of De Beers’ announcement of a substantial $20 million investment in the US and China for an impactful category marketing campaign.

This campaign, which revives the iconic ‘A Diamond is Forever’ campaign, is set to make waves during the upcoming holiday season.De Beers is making these campaign materials available to the global trade community as part of their initiative to maximise the campaign’s reach and impact. The overarching objective is to promote the allure and significance of natural diamonds to a wider audience.

The diamond mining major expressed hope that GJEPC members would embrace this opportunity and make the most of these assets.

For the convenience of GJEPC members, detailed instructions and procedures have been provided to ensure seamless access to customised campaign content. GJEPC members are encouraged to download the instructions and procedures directly from the provided link: Download PDF.

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