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De Beers offers its diamond foundation course for free due to coronavirus

De Beers has decided to offer their Diamond Foundation Course, which normally costs $250, for free to the diamond industry.

In a press release, quoted by Diamond World, De Beers said that the company understands that during the “current global health crisis”, businesses in the diamond industry “must find ways to adapt and remain productive”, and it is therefore offering the course for free. The Diamond Foundation Course covers “everything from the atomic structure of a diamond to how De Beers Group recovers and sorts rough diamonds”.

The course, which is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited, is interactive and includes 8 modules broken down into 15-30 minute chapters. It focuses on the 4Cs, retail sales skills and the detection of synthetic (lab-grown) diamonds, “drawing on the latest findings of De Beers Group Technology”. The course will be accessible for four months, and can be accessed through here.

Courtesy - Israeli Diamond

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