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Diamond industry commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance; it's about meaningful impact

The gem and jewellery industry has faced consistent, global criticism for the way it has conducted business across its supply chain. The scrutiny is now more intense with the growing understanding that firms must become more socially responsible and deal with the environmental and ethical issues.

All players have realized it is imperative to be more transparent, and the industry must play its role in assuring consumers about the environmental, social, and economic impact of their choices. Sustainability and climate change mitigation are critical issues that need to be addressed. GJ players are increasing conscious of their role as responsible corporate citizens.

On 5 June, World Environment Day leading payers from the Indian diamond industry spoke on their sustainability initiatives.

Shreyans Dholakia, Entrepreneur & Brand Custodian-Shree Ramkrishna Exports said, “Sustainability isn't just a goal for us at SRK; it's a commitment to leaving a lasting positive impact on both society and the environment. Our foremost achievement is realizing our vision of achieving net zero emissions already 2024, six years ahead of India's 2030 sustainability goals. We are proud to announce that SRK has already achieved Net Zero status this year. Our facilities proudly hold U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Certified Green Buildings status, being globally compliant with LEED Platinum Certificates, positioning us among the highest-ranking green buildings worldwide due to their operational efficiency. Additionally, SRK ensures the recycling of all waste paper generated in its crafting facilities, and actively monitors and targets a 50% reduction in waste across various categories. We also operate a biogas plant to process organic waste for compost and fuel, and are installing a sewage treatment plant to recycle 100% treated water with zero discharge. These initiatives underscore SRK's dedication to environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint in its operations.”

Kishore Sanghvi, Chairman - KP Sanghvi LLP, said, “At KP Sanghvi, our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of our operations. From pioneering water conservation through on-campus recycling initiatives to sourcing 1⁄3rd of our electricity from renewable sources like solar panels, we demonstrate our dedication to a greener future. Our early initiatives in Pavapuri, focused on animal welfare, tree plantation, and overall sustainability, instilled in us a deep appreciation for balanced, organic living. Today, this dedication has matured into an unwavering commitment to green practices, reflected in our holistic approach to the UN SDGs, where we have proudly achieved 14 out of 17 goals. Our journey is a testament to the fact that sustainable living is not just impactful but also essential for a harmonious existence with our environment."

Arpan Mehta, Managing Director-Aurostar Diamonds, stated, “At Aurostar, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance; it's about making a meaningful impact. Our rooftop solar project in Surat, Gujarat, exemplifies our dedication to generating clean and renewable energy, in line with SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). We are also proud supporters of the Auroville Unity Fund, with our contributions to the MatriMandir and Lake projects promoting environmental conservation and beautification, reflecting our alignment with SDG 15 (Life on Land) and SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation). These initiatives highlight our holistic approach to sustainability, reinforcing our belief that responsible environmental practices are integral to our operations and essential for the future of our planet. Aurostar strives to lead by example in fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly industry.”

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