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Divine Solitaires launches Solus, a range of premium yellow diamond jewellery

Divine Solitaires, India’s most trusted solitaire jewellery brand, launched its premium range of vivid and intense yellow diamond jewellery under the name of Solus by Divine Solitaires. These rare and premium, natural yellow diamonds evoke the warmth of the sun and brilliance of a stars. Made for the discerning diamond customer, these beautiful diamonds have come about as a result of years of research and development to perfect the optimum standards of hue, saturation and spread that make them stand out from the rest.

Divine guarantees that the hue is pure and devoid of any overtones, the saturation is optimum and the spread is uniform across the diamond. The diamonds are cut to preserve its natural colour and bring out its true beauty. Available under Solus, is a range of jewellery designs specially created to bring out the unique character of these rare & premium - vivid and intense yellow diamonds. They come with the same Divine assurance of best quality & transparent prices and with features like lifetime upgrade & buyback and Verify & Track that allows you to verify origin and track current prices on the go. These are unmatched in the industry and provides immense comfort and confidence to the consumer.

Jignesh Mehta, Founder & MD, Divine Solitaires adds “Solus represents our commitment to innovation that provide unique value to our partner jewelers. It fills the gap in what our partners can offer to their customers, especially the more discerning ones and allows them to stand out in the market. It will go a long way in expanding the solitaire market and people’s desire to own one.”

Launched today with rings, pendants designs, Solus range will grow to incorporate more options. They will be available soon at premium partner jewelers and offer a unique choice to the diamond connoisseurs and fulfill their desire to stand out in the crowd. Its beauty and presence will mesmerize and leave onlookers in awe. It is a specially made range for the special ones.

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