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Fancy-color diamonds index continues ascent

The average price of fancy-color diamonds continued to climb in all categories in the second quarter, led by a resurgence in demand for large fancy-vivid yellows, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).

The group’s Fancy Color Diamond Index gained 0.5% compared with the previous three months, it reported last week. The increase was seen in nearly all colors and sizes.

The highest rise for the second quarter was in the fancy-vivid grade at 1.2%. The other two saturation categories, fancy and fancy intense, showed a combined improvement below 0.3%. Yellows posted a notable jump of 1.3%, while pinks and blues increased by 0.2%.

The strongest categories in the second quarter were 8-carat, fancy-vivid-yellow diamonds, which spiked by 5.4%, followed by 1.5-carat vivid pinks, which grew 3.2%. Vivid pinks weighing 1 carat advanced 3.1%.

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