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Fathers, written by daughters

Tanishq and Talented’s latest is an ode to dads who unlearn from their daughters

To celebrate the beauty of the emotional bond between fathers and daughters, Tanishq, India’s largest retail jewellery brand from the house of TATA, has launched a heartfelt campaign to commemorate Father’s Day. Conceptualised by Talented Agency, this film captures the essence of the evolving relationship between fathers and their daughters, highlighting the subtle yet profound impact daughters have on their fathers' lives.

The Tanishq woman has been portrayed as a harbinger of change across facets of her adult

life - she changes the narrative on ‘maternity break’ in the workplace, she calls for empathy for blue-collar workers in a building society meeting, and rewrites the pre-wedding conversation. This latest film, in so many ways, is her origin story.

The film poignantly captures the journey of a daughter's life from childhood to adulthood, highlighting the emotional connection and unspoken understanding that deepens their relationship over time, creating a beautiful life journey together. Fathers learn and evolve through their daughters' perspective, symbolising a modern-day partnership built on love & mutual growth. Tanishq celebrates this journey of empowerment and transformation, reflecting the true essence of fatherhood in today's world. Fathers who raise strong daughters are, in turn, shaped by them. When fathers make room for their daughters to grow, they help create a more expansive and inclusive world.

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