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Fiona Diamonds Launches #FreefromLove Campaign

Fiona Diamonds has unveiled its groundbreaking campaign, #FreefromLove, urging individuals to embrace a new perspective on gifting and love.

At the heart of the #FreefromLove campaign lies a profound philosophy: love, in its purest form, is unbridled and unchained.

Central to the #FreefromLove campaign is the endorsement of lab-grown diamonds. Fiona Diamonds emphasizes that these ethical and sustainable alternatives epitomize the essence of authentic love - a choice made from within, free from external influence.

"Valentine's Day shouldn't be about conforming to societal norms or succumbing to pressure to spend," says Parag Agarwal, co-founder and CEO at Fiona Diamonds. "It's about celebrating love in its purest form, whether it's for oneself or for a cherished partner. Our #FreefromLove campaign encourages individuals to embrace the joy of giving without the weight of expectations.

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