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Gemfields’ conducts Valentine’s Day Opinion Poll

Gemfields commissioned a light-hearted opinion poll survey to ascertain the sentiment towards coloured gemstones as gifts this Valentine’s Day.

UK consumer insight provider Find Out Now surveyed 56,644 respondents in the period from 8 February to 10 February 2024, with 524 of those surveyed confirmed to be potential buyers of gemstone jewellery this Valentine's Day.

Out of those consumers contemplating buying jewellery containing gemstones this Valentine’s Day, nearly half (255 of the 524 – 48.6%) were considering at least one of the ‘Big Three’: emerald, ruby or sapphire. With the remaining 51.4% selecting from diamond, amethyst, pearl or ‘other’. The consideration of which gemstone to purchase was said to be predominantly down to the gem being theirs or their partner’s favourite, followed by it being theirs or their partner’s birthstone, then a representation of their anniversary year.

The responses collected during 2024 represent the first instalment of data, with the company looking to continue to track consumer sentiment towards coloured gemstones.

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