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Gemfields highlights jewellery that is a tribute to the love and unwavering strength of mothers

As Mother's Day approaches, Gemfields is delighted to spotlight jewellery that serves as a heartfelt tribute to the love and unwavering strength of mothers.

Whether it's a radiant emerald pendant symbolizing growth and renewal or a sparkling ruby ring embodying passion, Gemfields offers a diverse array of options to express your love and gratitude to the woman who shaped your life.

Gemfields has collaborated with a dazzling of designers. The jewellery in the spotlight includes Fehmida Lakhany’s chandelier emerald earrings emerald and diamond ring, Shachee Fine Jewellery’s Humming Bird on Sakura Ring Garden of Bliss – roses earrings, Shruti Sushma’s Sugarloaf long emerald chain, emerald hexagon necklace and other exquisite creations from these designers.

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