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GIA brings diamond origin reports to Times Square

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has unveiled a video-billboard advertising campaign that encourages consumers to learn about the origin of diamonds.

Two ads featuring GIA’s Diamond Origin Report and the 4Cs of diamond quality are running in New York’s Times Square through February 15, the GIA said Tuesday. The new campaign marks the institute’s efforts to spread the message of its consumer-protection mission, it explained.

“Over the coming months, there will be millions of engagement moments shared around the world,” said GIA senior vice president and chief marketing officer Mark Buntz. “At GIA, we are proud to give consumers the knowledge to tell that story, and to trust in the quality and origin of their diamond. There is no place better than the heartbeat center of New York City to introduce consumers to GIA’s mission, services and reports.”

The ads alternate on a 56-by-29-foot wraparound screen at 1500 Broadway on the northeast corner at West 43rd Street. One of the two 15-second spots appears three times each hour from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., running from the New Year celebrations in the city until after Valentine’s Day.

“The dynamic ad placement fits with GIA’s long-running effort to help consumers learn about the qualities of diamonds, colored gems and pearls, and how they can ensure their confidence in gems and jewelry by insisting on third-party, research-based reports from GIA,” the organization said.

The GIA first launched its Diamond Origin Report, which evaluates a polished stone to match it to its original rough, in 2019.

Courtesy - JFM

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