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GIA iD100 achieves strong results in independent test

GIA iD100® gem testing instrument was highly rated in a second round of testing by third-party testing laboratory UL as part of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) Assure Program, an effort to systematically evaluate devices for separating natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants.

The DPA study confirmed again that the GIA iD100 is 100% accurate in referring all potential laboratory-grown diamonds and simulants for further testing. In this second round of UL testing following additional training and guidance provided to the UL technician by GIA staff, the instrument attained a ‘diamond accuracy rate’ of 96.7 percent and a ‘diamond refer rate’ of 3.3 percent. These results replace the earlier results published by the Assure Program as they better reflect the performance of the iD100 when used with adequate guidance and training.

“This report confirms what GIA and our many clients who depend on the iD100’s accurate and consistent results already know,” said Tom Moses, GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer. “The iD100’s strong performance and accessible price provide value for the industry.”

“Proper use of the iD100 is very important,” said Dr. Wuyi Wang, GIA vice president of research and development. “Appropriate ambient lighting and correct placement of the instrument’s spectroscopic probe yield the most accurate and consistent results.”

The iD100 costs US $4,995 and can be ordered online at Orders for delivery in the United States can be shipped within one business day after payment.

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