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GIA introduces enhanced Jade Report

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is introducing the GIA Jade Report, featuring additional gemmological information and a sleek, user-friendly layout to enhance the overall report experience for both industry professionals and consumers.

“We made these improvements to our ‘Jade Report’ recognizing its history, symbolism and overall importance to consumers,” said Tom Moses, executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer at GIA.

The new GIA Jade Report provides key information in a streamlined format. One notable improvement is the inclusion of a dedicated section under “Results” that details the type, when appropriate. The addition of a table featuring type definitions further adds to the report’s depth and clarity.

The commonly used trade term “Fei Cui” will be listed in the comments section when appropriate with the explanatory note stating that “Fei Cui” refers to jadeite, omphacite, and kosmochlor.

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