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GJC NEXTGEN seminar focuses onFamily Business Management & Leadership

GJC conducted the GJC NEXTGEN-Powered by GIA series of seminars titled Family Business Management & Leadership at JWCC, Mumbai.

The objective of GJC NEXTGEN seminars is to bring together the next generation of jewellers, so that they can be groomed and nurtured to become better professionals, ethical businessmen and true leaders in jewellery industry.

The power packed team that conducted the seminar included Chhaya Sehgal, Founder and CEO-The Winning Edge, Seema Mahajan, Director - NMIMS University’s Pravin Dalal Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management, Dr Ruchika Agarwal , Asst Professor - NMIMS University’s Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management, Mehek Kapoor, Assistant Professor, Programme Chairperson – Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing (BBMM)- NMIMS University’s Pravin Dalal Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management.

There was an overwhelming response to GJC NEXTGEN seminar with nearly 70 participants. Besides Mumbai, young entrepreneurs from Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, AP, UP and other parts of India participated in the seminar.

Nilesh Shobhawat, Convenor, GJC NEXTGEN said "It is wonderful to see the incredible energy and passion of young entrepreneurs. We at GJC aim to create an innovative and collaborative forum for the next generation."

Saiyam Mehra, Chairman-GJC encouraging the young entrepreneurs said "Besides quality education, one has to be street smart and learn quickly to handle the intense competition, many cultures in our country, complex compliances and laws."

Chhaya Sehgal stressed the importance of continuous learnability for a leader. She said in today's globalized world, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and equity were key to a successful enterprise.

Chhaya Sehgal conducted interactive sessions that included key points on challenges, threats, opportunities; and exciting, innovative team building and leadership games.

Key takeaways, broadly categorized as Competitive edge through creative thinking’ included: Customer experience, Collaboration, Marketing and branding, Problem solving, Data utilization, Continuous learning and adaptability.

Takeaways categorized as Threats and challenges included: Evolving customer preferences, Online competition, Fluctuating material costs, Economic uncertainty, Digital transformation, Increased competition, Eth and sustainable sourcing Counterfeit and piracy.

Another valuable component was the fireside chat with Ashish Pethe, Director- Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers interviewed by Suyash Sanjay Agrawal, Co-convenor, GJC NEXTGEN. Ashish Pethe provided valuable insights of his organizations evolution, understanding changing mindsets and the need to reposition oneself.

The next generation of jewellers participating in the seminar were charged up and enthused with power packed seminar. Most of the young entrepreneurs were thrilled to meet their peers and exchange ideas and viewpoints.

Krut Jain, Millionaire Gold NX said “We learn so much from the experts. One of my takeaways is how one must possess a mix of quality education with street smartness to succeed in business.”

Kunal Dhanresha, Sona Rupa Jewellers hit the nail on the head when he said “GJC is going to the roots; it is addressing the future generation, the upcoming stars. The stories shared by veterans and experts can’t be obtained from a college or university.if you are not at NEXTGEN, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

AN enthusiastic Nihal Kataria, Pani Gold said “I learnt team building, leadership and importance of innovation. I will attend every NEXTGEN seminar and encourage my young jeweler friends to attend.”

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