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GJC's deliberation with Election Commission brings cheers to Jewellers & Trade

Jewellery seized by authorities at Coimbatore releases post instructions from Election Commissioner

Mumbai, 11th April 2019: With the code of conduct in place, the jewellery sector in India has become one of the soft target of the law enforcement agencies. Despite having all the necessary documents and papers, seizure and daily obstacles in the movement of jewellery has become a new norm in the jewellery business across the country. 

In one such incident, the local administrative authorities at Coimbatore seized close to 149 kg

of gold recently citing breach of Code of Conduct during General Elections.  

However after a fruitful and constructive deliberation with Election Commission of India by All

India Gem And Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) - The Nodal Agency of the Jewellery Sector,

the seized jewellery was released as per the instruction of Election Commissioner of India Shri.

Sushil Chandra.

On Tuesday, A delegation of All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) under the

leadership of Mr Anantha Padmanaban had met Shri. Sushil Chandra, Election Commissioner,

Election Commission of India to seek his attention to the seizure of jewellery and incidents of

harassment by local authorities reported in various parts of the country.  

During this meeting the Election Commissioner, assured remedial measures on this issue and

also committed to bringing a formal guidelines very soon on the documents to be carried

during transit of jewellery. 

According to GJC, the election commission has also provided an assurance that there will not

be any harassment during the upcoming General Elections as well as state elections in future. 

Commenting on this, Mr Anantha Padmanabhan, Chairman, GJC, said, “We along with

the whole Jewellery Industry, would like to thank the honorable Election Commissioner for the

proactive measure he has taken to release the seized gold and we are confident that there will

be continued co-operation from the EC for the jewellery business if we operate within the

regulatory framework of code of conduct. 

"He not just listened to our plea but also ensured immediate action for smooth functioning of the jewellery industry during the ongoing General Elections. It is a moment of cheer to the whole of the community and this has enabled us for a hassle free business during the elections,” he added. According to Chairman Anantha, “Jewellery making is a business where movement of jewellery is inevitable and it is a routine in our business that jewellery in its raw or finished form is being transited from one point to another. There was an uneasiness across the jewellery community post incidents of harassment and jewellery seizure were reported.”

Courtesy - GJC



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