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GJEPC aggressively promotes IIJS Premiere in the Far East

GJEPC is actively promoting the upcoming IIJS Premiere 2023 in the Far East through a series of roadshows that run from 6-16 July 2023 and travelling across Myanmar, Vietnam Thailand and Cambodia. The roadshow marks a significant milestone in the GJEPCs efforts to showcase the highly anticipated event.

Led by GJEPC officials, the road show aims to create awareness and generate excitement among Vietnamese jewellers, manufacturers, and industry professionals about the upcoming IIJS Premiere. These countries, with their rapidly growing jewellery market and thriving manufacturing capabilities, present a valuable opportunity for Indian exporters and the Council to forge strategic alliances and explore potential collaborations.

The GJEPC team has been engaging with local stakeholders, hosting seminars and conducting one-on-one meetings to highlight the exclusive features and unique offerings of the IIJS Premiere 2023. The road show serves as an exceptional platform to showcase the immense opportunities and possibilities awaiting attendees at IIJS Premiere 2023.

The road show in the Far East is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by GJEPC to promote IIJS Premiere 2023 on a global scale.

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