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GJEPC conducts seminar drive digital excellence in GJ Industry

GJEPC partnered with Tech Data, Microsoft, and PH Teknow to organize an exclusive seminar titled “Accelerate Digital Excellence with Microsoft’s Solutions” at the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai on 30th May. The event aimed to propel the digital transformation of the gems and jewellery industry to new heights.

Renowned industry experts such as Nitin Patil, Partner Technical Manager; Prakash Joshi, Azure Director; Sunil Golani, Director Cloud Solutions; and Mohammed Sadiq, Partner, Microsoft, shared their knowledge with the attendees.

The seminar provided valuable insights and use cases while highlighting the power of Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform. By leveraging Azure’s capabilities, the gems and jewellery industry can unlock new opportunities for innovation and enhance the overall customer journey through advanced networking, storage, computing, and application development.

The agenda encompassed an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, followed by examples of relevant use cases. Attendees also gained insights into the Azure platform and learned about the process of migrating applications to the cloud.

Source: GJEPC

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