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GJEPC hosts successful e-commerce seminar at Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar witnessed the first successful seminar organised by the GJEPC MSME department in collaboration with eBay and DHL. The event focused on exploring e-commerce opportunities within the gems and jewellery sector, shedding light on its significance for the trade. Shri Nitin Khandelwaal, Regional Director of Rajasthan, GJEPC, provided an overview of e-commerce and its crucial role in the industry.

During the seminar, eBay delivered a comprehensive presentation, highlighting its role as a valuable platform connecting businesses with over 190 countries. Emphasising their dedicated account management and support team, eBay detailed how they can assist in setting up accounts, product listings, marketing, and global promotion. DHL also provided brief insights into their capabilities in supporting e-commerce logistics.

The GJEPC International Event department showcased various international shows and introduced the India Pavilion, offering participants a global platform to exhibit their products. Shri Kalidas, representing small manufacturers, requested additional seminars and workshops to provide support for their members in onboarding eBay and DHL. Shri Mithilesh Pandey, Head of MSME Dept., assured the audience of organising similar events. He also discussed the IC scheme for participating in international exhibitions and GJEPC initiatives for its members in Dubai. Additionally, attendees received information about the PM Vishwakarma Yojana and its benefits.

The seminar saw a full house with over 70 attendees, reflecting the industry’s keen interest in exploring and leveraging e-commerce opportunities.

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