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GJEPC organised the 4th edition of India SAARC Middle East Buyer Seller Meet in Chennai

The 4th edition of India SAARC-Middle East BSM 2019 which is being attended by 78 buyers from 18 countries was inaugurated this morning in Chennai. The show has 31 exhibitors from among India’s leading jewellery manufacturers, displaying a wide range of plain and studded jewellery. It will run from April 28-30.

The three-day BSM will consist of pre-fixed One-2-One meetings of approximately 30 minutes between a buyer and seller on the first two days. The third day will have an open exhibition format.

The visitors are from diverse markets including Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Fiji, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE and UK.

Indian manufacturers have successfully catered to Middle East and Asian countries for many years, offering products as per their tastes and market needs. The BSM too features an assortment of styles that are popular in these markets such as filigree work, jewellery studded with precious stones, feather light weight jewellery, along with other smaller pieces as well.

Chairman GJEPC, Pramod Kumar Agrawal, said, “India has been the preferred sourcing destination for quality gems and jewellery for the world and it has been once again proved by the growth in exports of gold and studded jewellery. India SAARC - Middle East BSM is an effort to further improve our trade relationship and improve business.”

Highlighting the investments in technology and in development of skilled manpower, Agrawal added, “The country is known for jewellery with skilfully crafted designs and high-end materials that are sold across international markets. It follows ethical business practices and diligently adheres to all norms.”

He stated that in FY19, jewellery exports were recorded at US$ 12.03 billion, up 24.36%over the US$ 9.67 billion exported in FY18. India is now focussing on strengthening jewellery exports which would be a driver of growth in the coming years.

Dilip Shah, Convener, GJEPC’s International Exhibitions sub-committee said, “The unique nature and format makes BSMs the most demanding forum to conduct business amongst buyers and exhibitors.  I am hopeful that the 4th edition of the BSM will be as successful as others and help further develop trade relationship and augment business.”

Courtesy - GJEPC



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