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GJEPC program underscores importance of AEO Status

GJEPC recently conducted a highly informative Outreach Program focused on obtaining Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status towards enhancing international trade operations, strengthening supply chain security, and enhancing global competitiveness. Held on 18th March, 2024, in Bharat Diamond Bourse, the event brought together industry stakeholders keen on navigating the complexities of AEO certification.

The program aimed to streamline efforts within the sector by empowering individuals and firms with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain AEO status. AEO certification is globally recognised for signalling a company’s commitment to secure and efficient international trade practices, offering benefits such as simplified customs procedures, reduced inspection rates, and enhanced supply chain security.

Keynote speaker Shri Amit Choudhary, Deputy Commissioner, Directorate of International Customs, provided attendees with expert perspectives and clarifying queries related to obtaining AEO status. His insightful address shed light on AEO eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and best practices for successful certification. Shri Choudhary explained the difference between AEO Tier 1, 2, and 3 status for importers/exporters based on the benefits extended. These included enhanced facilitation, faster clearances, reduced dwell time, on-request on-site inspection/examination, lower inspection costs, delinking clearance and duty payment, deferred duty payments, reduced transaction costs, fewer disputes, and efficient dispute resolution.

The AEO LO tier was applicable for all other supply chain participants such as Customs Brokers, Custodians, Freight Forwarders, Terminal Operators, Warehouse Operators, etc.

Shri Choudhary pointed out that container clearance timelines had drastically reduced from 21 days few years ago to merely 6 hours. He also noted that the Customs department had a mandate to clear AEO shipments on priority. Joining him on the dais were Shri Manoj Kumar Agarwal – Additional Assistant Director, Directorate of International Customs, and Shri Naresh Lathiya, Convener, MSME Sub-committee, GJEPC.

The Outreach Program garnered positive feedback from the 120+ attendees, who expressed appreciation for the valuable insights gained and the opportunity to connect with peers in the industry.

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