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Gold seized from passenger at MIA

Alert customs officials at Mangalore International Airport (MIA) yet again thwarted an attempt by an air passenger to smuggle in gold on Tuesday. Mangaluru customs, in a tweet, stated that 24-carat purity gold in powder or paste form weighing 131.7 grams was seized from a passenger who arrived from Dubai by an Air India Express flight IX 384. The gold seized is valued at Rs 4.37 lakh.

Customs stated that the gold was hemmed in the ankle region of jeans that the passenger had worn. Incidentally, customs officials on June 8 had nabbed a passenger who had attempted to smuggle 647 grams of 24-carat purity gold valued at Rs 21.48 lakh. The gold was concealed in the form of paste in a specially-stitched pocket inside the undergarment that the passenger, who was subsequently arrested, was wearing.

Courtesy - Times of India



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