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Goldmoney Inc. launches new precious metal redemption portal

Goldmoney Inc. a precious metal financial service and technology company, unveiled Goldmoney Physical, a brand new e-commerce platform that allows clients to conveniently redeem existing Goldmoney Holding balances to precious metal coins and bars via SchiffGold, a wholly owned Goldmoney subsidiary.

Goldmoney Physical provides Goldmoney clients with a user-friendly experience while redeeming their vaulted precious metals in the form of a wide variety of investment-grade gold and silver bullion products. Using their existing precious metals balance (gold, silver, platinum or palladium), clients can instantly and securely transfer metal to SchiffGold to complete the purchase. SchiffGold then manages the order fulfillment, delivering to clients in 40 countries* via insured shipping.

“My team at SchiffGold is thrilled to be assuming a more integral role in helping Goldmoney clients take physical possession of portions of their holdings,” said Peter Schiff, Founder of SchiffGold. “As a long-time advocate of physical precious metals ownership, I’m pleased that Goldmoney is providing the optionality for its customers to own physical bullion in multiple ways, which combine the low-cost and liquidity of third-party storage with the added assurance of physical possession.”

Paul Mennega, Chief Operating Officer of Goldmoney added: “Integrating SchiffGold into our flagship Holding product via Goldmoney Physical is another step in the natural progression of our service, and another way to offer unparalleled flexibility and choice to our clients.” Goldmoney Physical Features:

• Gold bullion coins and bars are available in: 1/10 oz., ¼ oz., ½ oz., 1 oz., 10 oz., 50 grams (1.60 oz.), and 1 kilo (32.15 oz.) sizes. • Silver bullion coins and bars are available in 1 oz. and 100 oz sizes. • Live competitive pricing and volume discounts. • Shipped to 40 countries*. All packages are insured against loss while in transit.

Courtesy - Business Wire

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