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Gucci’s Allegoria High Jewelry Collection

Unveiled last week in Florence, Gucci’s latest high jewelry collection, called Allegoria, showcases precious stones in vibrant colors and bold designs meant to reflect seasonal colors in nature. In a release, the company described the collection as expressing “nature’s glorious transformations and ephemeral beauty through the unrelenting changing of the seasons. Unique designs cast a light on a plethora of precious stones in bold, rich tones, generating a crescendo of emotion and joie de vivre.”

Beginning with spring and summer, Allegoria pieces feature saturated and kaleidoscopic stones including emeralds, spinel, tourmaline, and plenty of diamonds. Moving through fall, the colors feel warmer and slightly subdued—yellow sapphires, pink tourmaline, and mandarin garnets. And winter offers cooler tones with diamonds front and center, plus enamel and misty opal.

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