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Hari Krishna Exports conducts Blood Donation and Eye Check-Up Camp at BDB

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to community health and solidarity, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., a leading diamond manufacturing company in India, orchestrated a dual initiative comprising a blood donation and eye check-up camp. Held on February 13, 2023, this significant event celebrated the 11th anniversary of the company's headquarters at The Capital, BKC, Mumbai, aligning with the company's ethos of well-being and mutual aid, echoing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiative, open to all, attracted enthusiastic participation and successfully collected an impressive 400 units of blood and 315 benefitted in eye check-up camp. This blood donation and eye check-up camp is a reflection of Hari Krishna Exports' ongoing dedication to life-saving missions, contributing to a cumulative total of over 18067 units of blood collected through its various drives in across India.

Distinguished guests including . Raju  Bhujabal DCP-Mumbai Traffic Police, Vipulbhai Shah MD-Asian Star Co. /Chairman- GJEPC, . Kiritbhai Bhansali Mumbai BJP-Treasurer/Smital Gems  Shriram Natarajan Managing Director-GIA India, . Dinesh Lakhani- Global Director, Kiran Gems and other notable figures from the diamond industry were in attendance, lending their support to the cause and recognizing the company’s efforts toward philanthropy and employee well-being.

Ghanshyam Dholakia, during his speech, emphasized the critical importance of blood donations in saving lives and the preventive health aspect of regular eye check-ups. He encouraged broader participation to help alleviate blood shortages and promote overall health awareness. He also mentioned about HK vision of 10 million trees by 2030 and using 100% renewable energy in manufacturing.

In a token of appreciation for their generous contributions, donors were presented with Herbal and Panchgavya products, certificates, books, and donor cards.

By hosting this combined blood donation and eye check-up camp, Hari Krishna Exports underscores its dedication to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 3, aimed at ensuring health and well-being for all ages. The company not only exemplifies corporate responsibility but also inspires a culture of giving back to the community. Through such initiatives, Hari Krishna Exports encourages other companies to engage in activities that promote health and wellness, setting a powerful example for corporate social responsibility.

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