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HSJ designs and crafts Shri Ram Lalla's jewellery

HSJ has designed and crafted Shri Ram Lalla's jewellery. Specially curated for the Lord's Return to his rightful throne in Ayodhya, each of these 14 jewels is a timeless masterpiece.

Designed by Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers' Directors, Ankur, Kanupriya and Mohit Anand, each jewel was handcrafted to perfection with great attention to detail. Every jewel holds a deeper meaning uncovered after great research into legend and history.

Truly iconic jewels!

14 pieces designed and curated by HSJ

Lucknow for Shri Ram Lalla's historic return to Ayodhya!



2) Dhanush

3) Teer

4) Mukut & Pankhi

5) Chota Haar

6) Panchlada

7) Vijay Haar

8) Kamardhan

9) Bajhubandh

10) Haath Ke Kadhe

11) Nupur Payal

12) Per Ke Kadhe

13) Mudrika

14) Kamal Ki Bel.

Located in Lucknow & Bareilly, Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers is more than its jewellery- it is an experience.

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