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If Solitaire, it’s Divine

Solitaire, from Latin solus or the one, and a solitaire jewellery is just that, a jewellery with single prime diamond that shines in all its beauty and glory. It is niche and distinct from regular diamond jewellery and definitely more precious and sought after. It could be a solitaire ring, or a pendant, earrings or spellbindingly beautiful necklaces and wrist wear. The true beauty of solitaire jewellery lies in magical radiance and fire. It is a precious gift and the most wonderful way to show that you love and care.

Solitaire jewellery is specially designed and crafted to bring out the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. Unlike other diamond jewellery, it requires special skills, attention to detail and perfection to craft each magnificent piece. As the most precious and the most desired symbol of eternal love and commitment, it has come to mark some of the most significant occasions in one’s life, especially engagements and anniversaries. It embodies your emotion and mesmerises with its beauty. It’s something truly divine.

Divine Solitaires, India’s only solitaire jewellery brand, has set the benchmark for solitaire jewellery in the country. Its diamonds are carefully curated to be the best and most beautiful in the world with incredible Hearts & Arrows precision cut, found only in 1% of all the world’s diamonds. It has the largest and the most diverse collection of solitaire jewellery designs and exclusive collections to catch your imagination.

Collections like Now & Forever and Setu by Divine offer unique designs for engagement and anniversaries, Ballerina is about mesmerising dancing diamond jewellery designed to oscillate to the rhythm of your heart, Beyond Beauty and Colours of Love is about self-love and has designs for the modern women for work and play. Apart from these there is a vast collection of solitaire rings for men and women, mangalsutras, wrist wear and fabulous necklaces, all customisable to the diamond of your choice. There is always one just right for you and there is one for everyone!

Divine Solitaires has revolutionised solitaire jewellery retail with innovations like ‘Verify and Track’ that empower you with information and services at your fingertips. It has strived hard to build customer trust and confidence. Mr. Jignesh Mehta, Founder & MD, Divine Solitaires, says, “Diamond buyers deserve much more comfort through innovative solutions and great service, which we always strive to give so that we can build on consumer trust and confidence. Our customers should feel encouraged to buy and adorn solitaire jewellery in complete peace of mind.”

Divine Solitaires offers specially curated diamonds with magnificent Hearts & Arrows (Ex. Ex. Ex.)Plus® cut and backed by unmatched Quality Guarantee Certificate® and Standard and Transparent Pricing. Available at more than 200 jewellers across the country, Divine Solitaires is the first and foremost name in solitaire jewellery. Look no further.

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