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IGI certifies 50.25 ct LGD by Ethereal Green

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has analyzed and certified a 50.25 carat polished lab grown diamond, the first to surpass the significant ‘half-century’ mark in carat weight. Produced by Ethereal Green Diamond LLP (Ethereal Green), this newly created gemstone represents a landmark achievement in the lab grown diamond sector.

Named ‘Shiphra,’ the 50.25 carat lab grown diamond is a Type IIa emerald cut measuring 22.95 x 18.45 x 11.57 millimeters, with G color, VS2 clarity, and Excellent cut, polish, and symmetry. The crystal from which it was polished was grown over a period of eight months using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Ethereal Green will have it on display at JCK Las Vegas, booth # 8135.

“As the pioneer of lab grown diamond grading, IGI is honored to certify milestone achievements,” stated Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director of IGI India. “This gemstone is a paradigm shifting breakthrough, surpassing 50 carats while exemplifying preeminent standards of sophistication and quality. We are delighted to witness and support the remarkable advancement and popularity of lab grown diamonds IGI fostered 18 years ago, by opening our doors to the world’s producers.”

Hirav Anil Virani, Managing Director of Ethereal Green, voiced enthusiasm for the groundbreaking achievement: “We are immensely proud to introduce the world’s largest lab-grown diamond. Certification by the prestigious International Gemological Institute further solidifies the authenticity and quality of this 50.25 carat diamond. We believe IGI’s rigorous grading standards and expertise provide consumers and industry professionals with the assurance and confidence they seek when making significant diamond purchases.”

Ethereal Green has been at the forefront of achievements in the lab grown diamond sector, creating sustainable, ethically sourced diamonds of notable size and quality with cutting-edge technology. Their 50 carat achievement comes just one year after creating the ‘Pride Of India,’ the first polished lab grown diamond to exceed 30 carats. A pioneer in responsible diamond creation, the company holds SCS Global sustainability certification.

“This magnificent diamond represents the culmination of our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence,” Virani noted. “By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we aim to redefine the perception of lab-grown diamonds. Ethereal Green’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures that each diamond produced is not only visually stunning but also ethically sound.”

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