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IGI conducts an extensive training program for Malabar Gold and Diamonds

The IGI School of Gemology conducted a 10-day course in Polished Diamonds for the pan India Store Heads of Malabar Gold & Diamonds. The session gave the team a thorough understanding of diamonds- their evolution, mining processes and the grading standards. The session on polished diamond covered everything from the morphology of rough diamonds, the 4C’s – clarity, color, cut and carat weight as well as the science of identifying treatments, imitations and synthetic diamonds. The specially designed curriculum helped the team understand the many aspects in diamonds and took them through the various processes that a diamond has to undergo in order to attain the regalia.

It is important for sales personnel to understand their merchandise better in order to make the retail process an experience for the customer. Malabar Gold & Diamonds have been collaborating with IGI School of Gemology for various training programs ranging from the grading courses to the retail support program. “The product knowledge that we have received is phenomenal. Practical and appropriate, it has surely helped boost the confidence of the sales team,” said Saran G P of Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

IGI School of Gemology provides training programs to an increasing number of jewelry retailers and manufacturers. As a part of their sustained effort to educate the diamond enthusiasts across the country, IGI develops programs based on the specific and timely requirement of each company, keeping them adept with the latest changes in the world of gems and jewelry. With an exceptional range of coursework that encompasses everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewelry design, IGI is indeed the world's most trusted name in Diamond Certification and Education.

Courtesy - AOJ



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