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IGI launches Light Performance Grading Reports for round brilliant diamonds

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has introduced Light Performance Grading Reports showcasing round brilliant-cut diamonds with exceptional optical qualities. The IGI Light Performance grading system calculates values for each diamond to provide a primary score, indicating the overall strength of light performance, along with sub-component scores for brightness, fire, and contrast.

In the IGI system, “Brightness” refers to all reflected and refracted white light. “Fire” is dispersed light seen as flashes of colour. “Contrast” is the balance and intensity of light and dark areas at common viewing distances. The primary “Light Performance” score indicates the overall strength of brightness, fire, and contrast as they combine to produce scintillation; considered by many to be a diamond’s most appealing quality.

The system was developed by IGI researchers using ray-tracing software and slope proportions logic to assess a wide range of parametric data sets for round-brilliant cuts spanning 18 table sizes. Parameters judged to have exceptional performance were further assessed using structured light environment renderings and physical science to calculate scores for commonly described aspects of diamond beauty.

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