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IIG South Students & Staff Visited Thailand to Explore Gemstones from Mine to Market.

The students of IIG South got to experience the real world of Mining, Market & Showroom. The goal was to make the students knowledgeble by networking the industry people and arranging the meetings with students to interact.

Students involved in mining activities were little adventurous & exciting, when they found some stones after the process, which was the moment of achieving success. The students then went to the local Gem-Market where students got the real experience of how buying and selling takes place in the market.

Finally, the students got an opportunity to meet Mr. Tanzim Khan Malik who is well known for discovering Gold Sheen Sapphires in Kenya (Africa) and the proprietor of Genuine Gems & Jewellery. He interacted with students and answered all the questions asked and also gave some insights of the scope of Gem market across the world.

Overall, the tour was educative and more knowledgeable with positive feedback from the students for having this opportunity & waiting for the next trip soon.

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