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IIG upgrades Andheri (East) centre; unveils a bold vision that elevates GJ education

In a momentous stride towards redefining gemology education, the International Institute of Gemology (IIG) proudly announces the substantial upgrade of its Andheri (East) location in the lively city of Mumbai.

Nestled at 701, 7th Floor, Crescent Plaza, Telli Galli, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069, the revitalized space embodies IIG's unwavering commitment to providing a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere for individuals passionate about the world of precious stones. This upgrade transcends mere physical expansion; it encapsulates the institute's dedication to creating an environment that seamlessly blends tradition with modern design principles, aligning with the dynamic evolution of gemology.

The new Andheri (East) location is poised to emerge as a central hub for gemology enthusiasts, welcoming both aspiring learners and seasoned professionals. The upgraded facilities promise an inspiring space for individuals to hone their skills, master the intricate art of diamond grading, and unleash their creativity in crafting breathtaking jewelry designs. Upholding its core values of passion, knowledge, and education, IIG ensures that each student embarks on a transformative journey within this reimagined educational space.

The IIG family extends a warm invitation to all those captivated by the allure of gems to explore this renewed gemological haven in Andheri (East). As the upgraded doors swing open, IIG welcomes individuals ready to embrace a gemology education experience that transcends the ordinary. Step into a space where passion converges with precision, and witness the art of gemology reaching new heights. Join IIG in this thrilling chapter as they redefine brilliance in the heart of Mumbai with a bolder vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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