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IIJS Signature D2D campaign held in Oman

The IIJS Signature month-long campaign concluded successfully in Oman, where the team met with prominent jewellery retailers door-to-door. The success of the campaign will be contributing significantly to building the international visitor registrations and robust attendance from the Middle East region at the show being held in Mumbai from 4th to 8th January 2024.

The team met with 27 prominent jewellers in Oman such as Sea Pearl, Cochin, 4C’s, Al-Qurum, MRY, Modern Jewellery, Al Romaizan, Shahid Jewellery, Abdullah & Sons, Maryum Jewellery Lea Jewellery and many others.

By engaging directly with local jewellery professionals across the region and inviting them to IIJS Signature, this promotional campaign marks a significant milestone, establishing it as one of the largest international promotions to the event. Indian manufacturers will have an opportunity to meet and understand better the unique aesthetics and preferences of the Oman jewellery market.

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