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IJSF: Showcasing India's jewellery heritage to the world

India Jewellery Shopping Festival (IJSF) is a platform to showcase India's heritage, culture, and traditions, in the context of jewellery. The rich heritage of master jewellery artisans and exquisite designs across the ages will be seen by a domestic and global audience, which includes foreign attendees to the IJSF.

Dinesh Jain, Convenor IJSF explains that GJC is putting together a team of art and jewellery historians, jewellery designers to curate a never seen before dazzling exhibition of heritage jewellery of India.

This initiative goes beyond just the exhibition; GJC will use this occasion to fulfil its CSR obligations; it will conduct a grand auction of the heritage jewellery. The proceeds of the auction, which is expected to fetched Rs 10-20 crores. The proceeds will go to PM CARES fund, and other CSR approved activities.

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